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  Illustrative Art - Costume Design  
The Peacock Skirt
Aubrey Beardsley
The Black Cape
Aubrey Beardsley
The Butterfly
Leon Bakst
Leon Comerre
In foreign climes
James Tissot
La Japonaise
Claude Monet

Chair-Crown Jewels of Iran
Hicks chair
Chair- Hicks, Changing Homes
Gauguin's chair - van Gogh
Gauguin's Chair-van Gogh
The Fairy Tree - Richard Doyle
Doyle - The Fairy Tree
The Captive Robin - Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald - The Captive Robin
Wolf Moon
Frank Frazetta
Space Station
Robert T McCall
The Apparition
Frank Frazetta
Still Life with Dead Hare and Fruit
Francois Desportes
Banquet still life
Abraham H van Beyeren
Still Life with Grapes
Juan de Espinosa
Still Life with Figs and Bread
Luis Melendez
The Silver Goblet
Jean-Baptiste Chardin
Plate of Cherries
Paul Cezanne
A Stag at Sharkeys
George Bellows
A Day at the Races
Edgar Degas
At the Cycle Race-track
Jean Metzinger
Cymon and Iphigenia
Lord Frederic Leighton
John William Waterhouse
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